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Evy the Evergreen 

Finds his Shine

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Marble Surface

Imagined, created, & written by members of the Christmas Carnival of lights staff.

"We wanted to do something big for our 12th year as the Biggest, Brightest & Most Dazzling Christmas light show. We've met many families who have been creating holiday memories with us for so many years so we thought, why not create something special they can take home with them as a keepsake?


Now families can keep the magic of the light show alive all season long!"

- Bridget Bender, co-owner


Evy the Evergreen Finds His Shine is available for purchase inside The Ember Lodge in Santa's Workshop  & online.

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About the book:

Sofia's favorite holiday tradition has always been seeing the dazzling Christmas Lights at her favorite light show. This year at the show, Sofia and her brother Jax meet Evy the Evergreen. A small, talking pine tree that feels less-than-dazzling compared to the other pine trees around him.


Take a drive through this lovable holiday narrative with Sofia, Jax, and Evy as they teach us how to shine in our own way this Christmas. It’s the friendships we make along the way and believing in ourselves that make us truly dazzling.