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Results are in: "Dear Santa" Christmas Wishes!

We went through 230 "Dear Santa" letters from our Christmas Carnival of Lights light show! The first thing we have to say - all of your kids are so darn sweet! We had such a good time looking through all of the sweet letters to Santa. Some kids even just wished Santa a Merry Christmas and to be safe on his long journey of delivering presents to all of the kids! One even said "I still haven't figured out how you do it." Even cuter, many kids asked for things for other people like peace, love, and health! One mentioned "please don't forget to bring something for my parents!"

If you're looking for some last minute items to get for your children, or if you want to be sure you've got the right presents - this is the blog post for you! Continue reading to find out the Top 10 Most Asked for Christmas Presents and some other fun answers your kiddos gave to Santa Claus this year! Plus, some of these items can be found at our gift shop in Santa's Workshop! Christmas lights & last minute gifts? That's a win-win!


1) Dolls (and accessories) 26

LOL sets, Barbies, American Girl, Rainbow High, Baby Alive, Frozen, Doll House

2) Electronics 24

computer, iPad, PS5, iPhone, Nintendo Switch, LED lights, headset, Hoverboard, Xbox gift card, Fortnite Battle Pass/ V-Bucks, Roblox, Chrome Book, Apple watch, PS4, drone

3) Fidgets 15

also known as popits, sensory toys

4) Nice Note to Santa 9

5) Something for Someone Else 8

for their family to be happy & healthy, get something for parents too, family time, bffs forever, peace & love, house, car, Christmas cheer, prosperity, mom to have a healthy baby, vacation

6) Legos 8

7) Clothes 8

8) Toy Vehicle 7

monster truck, garbage truck, tractor, car, "amblinse"

9) "Toys" 6

10) Pet 6

puppy, cat to play with, a dog that doesn't eat shoes, frog, "graff," guinea pig

HONORABLE MENTIONS (from most to least wanted)

- Bike 5

- Stuff from JoJo Siwa 5

- Squishmallow 4

- Dinosaur 4

- Money 4

- Nerf Gun 4

- Makeup 4

- Books 3

- Paw Patrol 3

- Football-related 2

- Family Time 2

- Watch 2

- Stuffed Animal 2

32 items were only selected by one kid each. Here are some of our favorites!

Packers Super Bowl Win

"Tell Rudolph I said hi"


Harry Potter stuff

"can I please eat a fruit cake all at once"

"Yeezys (size 13)"

Password journal


"a cute reindeer"

There you have it! We hope this post, at the very least, was a fun holiday read for you! If your kid is looking to send a letter to the North Pole, we have a fantastic delivery system set up in our Santa's Workshop! Just have them crayon-on a letter for the big guy and they can rest assured he will get their message!

Come back next Monday (12.13) for our 12 Days of Children's Christmas Books Advent Calendar & a FREE 2022 Christmas light calendar!

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