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Farewell From Santa

We have a surprise! Santa left his Workshop earlier last week. It was sad to watch him go but as we all know, he had quite the job to do! Even though he is the busiest man in the WORLD around Christmas time, he left you all a farewell letter! The letter reads as such:

Dear Nice-Listers & Christmas-Cheer-Bringers

that came to my Workshop at the Christmas Carnival of Lights,

I wanted to take a good jolly second to reflect on the time I've spent with you here! I've heard all of your requests and did my holly jolly best to get all you kiddos just what you wanted for Christmas! Thank you for taking the time to come see me while I was here, for you all made me feel loved this Christmas season. Continue to be good little girls and boys for your parents, for they do their best to bring you such holiday cheer every day of the year! If you didn't catch me shimmying down your chimney or eating your delicious cookies, perhaps better luck in 2022 - but just know I was there to touch your home with Christmas delight.

And to the wonderful Isaacson family and all of their lovely friends: I give a great and jolly thank you. My Workshop was so cozy and beautifully decorated. Thank you for providing delicious cocoa and Santa-approved toys! It makes my heart sing, even while I was preparing my sleigh for takeoff, when I think about the Christmas Carnival of Lights. Having 2 million lights dancing around me and bringing joy to so many families is truly the best gift (aside from cookies & milk, of course). Mrs. Claus continues to be jealous while I'm away on such a magical retreat! Don't worry, the elves keep her plenty cheerful. Rest assured that I will be counting down the days until next year!
Merry Christmas to you all!
And to all a good night!
Ho! Ho! Ho!

P.S. Please make sure you take good care of my friends at the Christmas Carnival of Lights while I'm back in the North Pole preparing for next year!

We will see you next year, Santa! Thank you for leaving us a note behind!

Even though Santa can't, we hope that you come visit us again, as our light show is ending soon! Your last chance to feel the magic is January 1st, 2022.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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