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Make Your Reading Magical

Fear not, fellow nice-listers! We have just the game plan to turn your children’s favorite book, Evy the Evergreen Finds His Shine, into a magical read-aloud memory!

Step 1: Grab your copy of Evy the Evergreen Finds His Shine

Step 2: Set up a Cozy Station

You’re going to need a TON of fluffy, comfy blankets (preferably

Christmas-themed). Bring some pillows to prop everyone up on your bed or couch, too! Make sure everyone is warm, tucked in, and prepared for a magical experience!

Step 3: Make Our Ultimate Christmas Hot Cocoa (recipe)

Step 4: Warm Up Your Voice (‘cause you’re the star of the show, hun!)

Character Voice Profiles

Sofia: cute, sweet, girly voice

Jax: a bit squeaky, grouchy voice

Evy the Evergreen: timid, excited, deeper voice

Santa Claus: (you know the drill) deep voice: HO, HO, HO!

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