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Celebrate Our Book Series #5: Gingerbread Santa's Workshop!

The most important step you'll find here

Let your creations sit until they are either devoured by small children or become stale enough to justify throwing them in the trash!

The most important lesson you'll find (here & in our new Christmas book)

Accept yourself for the perfectly imperfect person you are!

Let's begin! Today, we are sitting down to make our own style of a gingerbread house and our own craft to create an Evy the Evergreen character!

Make Your Own Evy the Evergreen!

video of results below!


- Waffle/ Sugar Cone (body)

- Plate (base)

- Hot Glue

- Green Frosting

- Construction Paper (eyes, stars, lightbulb)

- Beaded Necklaces (color for lights [classic Evy has white, blue, read, and gold - based on the - different color themes within our light show!])

- Red Pipe Cleaners (ornament)

- Green Pipe Cleaners (Arms)

- Cotton Balls (snow, optional)

- Black Marker (eyes, coloring the piper cleaners for the smile)


Step 1: Glue the sugar cone upside down on your plate.

Step 2: Frost the cone with green frosting.

Step 3: Cut and color eyes, stick onto frosting.

Step 4: Color a small piece of pipe cleaner with a black marker and place as his smile.

Step 5: Cut one small star and one big star from yellow construction paper. Glue the big star at the top of his head.

Step 5: Cut and place an arm out of green pipe cleaner on each side. The left side should be bent for holding an ornament, the right side should be up in the air to hold a lightbulb.

Step 6: Attach a twisted piece of red pipe cleaner to the smaller star made from construction paper with hot glue. Hang this ornament on his left arm.

Step 7: Cut out a small shape of a lightbulb. Hot glue this onto his right arm.

Step 8: Cut individual beads from the necklaces and use them as lights!

Taaaa-dah! There you have it, your OWN Evy the Evergreen character to place next to your gingerbread house this year! Don't worry if it's not perfect, Evy the Evergreen Finds His Shine is all about self-acceptance and believing in yourself!

Find videos on our TikTok!


Rendition of Our Own Santa's Workshop!

Items used:

Plastic Plate (base)

Hot Glue

1 small Dean's milk carton

1 half & half carton

White Frosting (red+green=brown)

Cotton Balls (snow)


Bead Necklaces (lights)

Construction Paper

Happy holidays! We hope you celebrate with these fun crafts :)

Let us know what else you would like to see!

Don't forget to pick up your very own copy here. Get it with the purchase of an Early Access car pass as well!

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