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Celebrate Our Book Series #2: Dress Like the Characters!

Hello fellow Nice-Listers!

Welcome to the first ever Celebrate Our Book Series Week! Every day this week between Monday and Friday, you will find different blogs that relate to our new Christmas children's book, Evy the Evergreen Finds His Shine.

As you may already know, Evy the Evergreen Finds His Shine was written by our light show staff members! It tracks a tale of two siblings and their new talking tree friend, Evy, through the different unique sections of our light show. Witness the white, the blue, and the colorful sections come to life on the page as Sofia and Jax help Evy realize that believing in yourself is the most important holiday lesson!

The kids will be inspired! So, make the magic come to life with these look-alike outfits for Sofia and Jax! Just remember... it's not about what you wear on the outside, whether it's decorations or clothing, but it's about who you are on the inside.

Dress like Sofia!

Meet Sofia. She is the big sister of her brother, Jax. Sofia is known throughout the book for her encouragement and unwavering optimism. #1 fan of the Christmas Carnival of Lights.

Find the items (from left top labels to right bottom labels)

  1. Hot Pink Polka-Dotted Headband (tutorial coming soon!)

  2. Curl Your Hair Like Sofia! (tutorial coming soon!)

  3. Craft Sofia's Entire Headband! (blog tutorial coming this week!)

  4. Yellow or Fluffy Boots

Dress Like Jax!

Meet Jax. He is Sofia's younger brother. Jax is that cute but stubborn little boy that probably believes girls have cooties. Newfound fan of the Christmas Carnival of Lights!

Find the items (from left top labels to right bottom labels)

Dress like Evy the Evergreen

Meet Evy. He's a friendly talking tree that usually doesn't get decorated for the light show. Evy is timid through the journey but ends up with a truly magical surprise as he learns to believe in himself. A newly decorated addition to the Christmas Carnival of Lights.

Whether you want to dress like him or dress your tree like him...

  1. A Perfectly Imperfect Star

  2. Lots o' Garland!

  3. The First Fallen Star (his 1st ornament that Sofia gave him!)

  4. White Lights

  5. Blue Lights

  6. Colorful Lights

See all three characters explore the WI Christmas Carnival of Lights in our new (and possibly favorite) Christmas children's book, Evy the Evergreen Finds His Shine!

Get caught in magical illustrations of our light show while sipping hot cocoa this season. Get excited for tomorrow's post: Craft a Tree or Star! We will walk you and your kiddos through a tutorial of making your own Christmas Tree or Christmas Star ornament! See you then!

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